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Person-First or Identity-First Language

Parents have told me that once their child receives an autism diagnosis, the language used by professionals can be confusing. Some refer to their child as being, 'a child with autism' and others, 'their autistic child'. This debate has been ongoing for some time, and there is little consensus about the preferred language of autistic people (Botha et al. 2023). I have decided to use autistic on this website as many individuals have stated that autism is integral to their identity (Ward et al. 2000). Nevertheless, language is both personal and powerful, so I will always seek out individual preferences when working with autistic clients.

From training and advising educators, to supporting autistic individuals, their families, and helping various business sectors to make the world a more neurodivergent friendly place.


I am a diversity expert with a specialism in autism. I have worked in the field of autism and education for over 20 years. I am passionate about autistic children, young people (CYP) and adults being heard, achieving their goals and living their best lives.

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