Local Authority Services

A review of communication and interaction special schools, including those with a specialism in autism.

An evaluation of specialist autism resource provisions.

On-request training.

These reviews could include:

Environmental evaluation.

Progress, assessment and attainment.

Strategies and interventions.

Curriculum offer.

Learning engagement.

Promoting social communication.

Data entry and consolidation.

Promoting outcomes for CYP that have plateaued or retrogressed.

Using special interests to promote social communication, interaction skills and engagement.

School Services

Whole school

On-request whole school training.

Review autism offer across the school.

Key Stage or Year Group

Joint walk with pre-agreed focus: promoting independence, organisation of environment, use of personalised resources.

Workshops related to: promotion of attention/listening skills, participating in a group discussion/sharing both sides of an argument, regulation of emotions, managing change (macro and micro).


Solution focussed workshop related to an individual.

CYP observation followed by record of visit or report.

Workshops related to: including interests into the curriculum, promotion of independence, social communication, regulation of emotions and support with transitions.

1:1 work related to: revision, preparing for exams, study skills, organisational skills, engagement for learning, sharing views and giving constructive feedback to others, homework, puberty and relationships.

Creation of personalised resources.