Life Skills

· Life skills: baseline: what can I already do, what would I like to be able to do, what is my timescale for achieving one/multiple skills, order of importance for me.

· Food shopping: where will I shop, what will I need, writing a list, how will I get there, how long will it take, what will I need to take, will I need a basket or trolley, which department should I start in?

· Reading a recipe: read through the steps, buy the ingredients, weigh out the correct amount, follow each step.

· Cooking: making a snack (cold/warm/hot), making a meal (cold/warm/hot).

· Making a drink: cold, hot, for myself, for another person, questions I might need to ask, steps involved.

· How to use kitchen appliances: cooker, microwave, fridge, dishwasher, washing machine, freezer, food processor, toaster.

· How to use office appliances: printer, laptop, PC, tablet, wireless mouse.

· How to wash my hair.

· Taking a shower/having a bath: why do I have to shower, what animals do, when, how often, how long for, what do I need, temperature check, how to make it more regulating types of soap/shower gel, flannel etc., music/sounds, lights).

· How to get a bus: which bus, what for, when do I need to get it, where do I want to go, what does it look like (front, side, back, colour, number, single/double decker), which stop do I get on at, which stop do I get off at, which side of the road there/back?, how do I get a ticket?, is it contactless if so, what do I need to do?, which apps could help me?, if it has a bus stop, what information might I find there? What happens if I am early? What happens if I am late? Who might be on the bus? What might I see/here? What do I need to do when I want to get off the bus? What if I want to get off before my stop?

· Travel training: which type of transport, why, what for, reading a timetable, useful apps., time to walk to station/stop, quickest route, how to remain regulated during the journey, what to look out for, number of stops, total travel time, travel time in stages, paying for a ticket – in person or using an app to pay, what is your goal, why do you want to travel there? Same/different dependent on in town or country. Catching multiple forms of transport to go on holiday e.g., train, underground, plan and then bus/walk to get to destination. Doors/toilets, who can you ask for help, where might the help be, can technology help you in context, on your electronic device.

· What happens when I arrive early, on time or late: cinema, school/college, work, appointment, to a friend’s house, for an interview.